Project Connect Booklets

Reach out into your community with Project Connect Booklets!

Offer help to those in your church who are struggling, but who may not be ready to discuss the issue with others. Reach out to people in your community with a Christian message of love and hope. Project Connect is a booklet ministry of Lutheran Hour Ministries. It gives congregations a tangible, take-home resource of Christ-centered value they can offer to visitors, members, or others in their community.

Offering a wide variety of topics, Project Connect booklets connect God’s Word to real-life issues.

Booklets can be placed in business or service venues, as well as public locations where they can be placed as a quick, takeaway resource. These include street festivals, food pantries, blood drives, voting polls, church rummage sales, etc.

Full PDF previews are available for each title, email Visit our storefront to order Project Connect booklets. Click here!