Little Shepherd DVD


“Little Shepherd” is the timeless story of Christmas with a twist. Follow Joel and his pet lamb, Brambles, as they frolic into rocky territory. Laugh at sister Sarah’s practical jokes. Watch Grandfather plant the seeds of faith. (Animated 25 min)

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The fields surrounding Bethlehem this Christmas Eve are alive with anticipation. Wolves have been seen and every shepherd is nervous, including young Joel and his family. Yet wonderful things are about to happen as Joel and his pet lamb, Bramble, anxiously await the new day.

An angel announces to the shepherds that Christ is born this night in Bethlehem. They are filled with joy and excitement, but how can they visit the baby Jesus and still guard their flocks?

“Little Shepherd,” is the timeless story of Christmas and how the birth of Jesus transformed a little shepherd boy and every member of his family. Based on a tale by American author Anobel Armour, it blends a bit of whimsy with the poignant message of kindness, hope and love.

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