Better Together – Monograph


Together with our partners at Lutheran Hour Ministries, we’ve set out to answer questions such as:

  • What possibilities exist in the gifts of church members?
  • What motivates Christians to make a hopeful difference in their neighborhoods?
  • What’s the most fruitful way of connecting individual Christians with a heart for their neighbors to their community?
  • How do you build trust in communities where Christians and the Church don’t have a great reputation?
  • What’s the role of congregations and ministry leaders in this effort?

We’ve combined careful research with insights from ministry leaders and packaged them all in a report called:

Better Together: How Christians Can Be a Welcome Influence in Their Neighborhoods.

You can raise up leaders in your congregation who will make a positive difference in the community.

It’s challenging work, but the results can be life changing — because in life and in ministry, we really are better together.

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How to Inspire and Equip the Members of Your Church to Love and Serve Their Community

Every pastor wants to impact their local community.

But pastors make up a small subset of the entire church, and many find themselves stretched too thin — especially now.

More than four out of five pastors tell Barna they prefer lay initiatives to new church programs, but fewer than one in 10 pastors is confident that their church is good at developing new leaders.

If you’re looking for ways to inspire and equip the people in your church to share God’s love with your community, we’d be honoured to help.