Intergenerational Mentorship Project
Helping Young Christians answer and experience God's call to serve!

As the family of God, we recognize the invaluable contributions of both our older members, who bring wisdom, experience, and leadership, and our younger members, who offer fresh perspectives and enthusiasm. 

Our goal is to bring these two generations together through mentorship opportunities that will shape and empower the future leaders of our church!

You don’t have to be a rockstar to be a Christian Mentor! All you need is to share everyday life and how Jesus has changed you, along with a willingness to help others be changed by Jesus.

Donate to our Intergenerational Mentorship Project up until September 8, 2024 and watch your contribution double! Thanks to a generous donor, all donations over $200 will be matched dollar for dollar with a matching grant of $50,000.00! 

Serve and Grow TOGETHER!

Our ESL Conversation Circle Outreach Toolkit will support and lead you through some important steps to get started! Visit our information page here.