The Lutheran Hour: Share Your Story!

“Love the Lutheran Hour Daily Devotions that are emailed to my inbox! And the Sunday Lutheran Hour Sermons are broadcast in our home weekly...we have a chance to worship the Savior in our home ...which is priceless!”

“Thank you for being such an inspiration to my mom throughout her life. As a child, her parents listened to The Lutheran Hour weekly as church was too far away. Then, as a married couple, her and dad, would listen every Sunday before going to church. Mom went to heaven at the age of 92 with Jesus in her heart. Thank you for being there for her all her life. Please continue to keep The Lutheran Hour going.”

“I was raised in a home where my parents and family listened to the broadcast while getting ready for church on Sundays, and enjoyed hearing these important messages of hope.  It was also important to members of my extended family, and several times the broadcast was sponsored when we held our family reunions every 5 years.  We recognize the importance of this mission and how this sort of venue can reach many people.”

“I love reading the devotions everyday and listening to the message every Sunday and sometimes listening to it 2 or 3 times. It’s great to have TLH APP because I can listen to it anytime.”

When you support Lutheran Hour Ministries, your gift helps reach those who have not heard the Good News of the Gospel. This joyful support in sharing Christ’s love alongside Lutheran Hour Ministries is truly a blessing; thank you.