Our Resources in Action!

Hello Lisa, I wanted to reach out to sincerely thank you and the Lutheran Laymen's League for the Illuminated Catechism. It is a truly lovely book, and an amazing resource to support confirmation. My son finds memorization to be somewhat stressful at times -but with this version of the catechism, he can be colouring and doodling while he learns and memorizes. This book adds a layer of enjoyment to his confirmation learning that will hopefully impact him for life. Thank you for such a beautiful and thoughtful resource.

I just wanted to let you know how much the Lectionary learning pages are appreciated by our entire congregation. On Reformation Sunday I was so inspired by the supplement explaining Luther's Rose! So inspired that I spontaneously used it as a "lesson" after the service for everyone attending. It helps to bring the old language of the bible & forgotten catechism lessons to everyone in a way that is easy to absorb. We currently have one child attending services, so there is no Sunday School. This was a way to incorporate a little bit of Sunday School into the service yet not be too childish for the adults. My "lesson" was so well received that I have been asked to add this lesson to every Worship service from now on! Thank-you for helping us reach out & connect to our entire congregation, you are awesome!

"For the past 15ish years I've been blest to use LHM's free online God Connects course. It has been wonderful for those investigating what the Lutheran Church teaches both for those becoming an Adult member or as a blessed refresher for those for whom Confirmation was more than a few years ago.

Each lesson starts with a video clip, (for those who learn more visually) and ends with a question and answer section (a catechetical auditory feel). There are many extras online for deeper study that encourages each participant to use their own Bible and Catechism."

“At Lutheran Early Learning Centers in Saskatchewan, we have the opportunity to send home children’s books with up to 128 unchurched children from the Lutheran Laymen’s League. It’s wonderful that the gospel has entered these homes and we are so thankful for the resources! I am constantly refilling the “Connect” rack at our church. We have one gentleman who frequently visits friends and takes resources when out for coffee with them.”