Illuminated Catechisms

Draw near to God as you pray, doodle and meditate your way through the Illuminated Catechism.

The Illuminated Catechism is from the donors of Lutheran Laymen’s League of Canada to be used as companion study tool for current catechumens or as a gift for recent confirmands.

The faith formation of the next generation as well as encouraging new adult members of the church is important to our generous donors.

We encourage you to reach out and request a copy for a confirmand near and dear to you. Share the name of the congregation and to whom the gift is being given so that we can prepare a personalized gift label for the inside cover. We ship them to their home congregation to be gifted to them on behalf of you and our donors.

*The Illuminated Catechism is also available in French! LLL Canada is the only place in the world that you can obtain a French version of this beautiful resource.

"Hello Lisa, I wanted to reach out to sincerely thank you and the Lutheran Laymen's League for the Illuminated Catechism. It is a truly lovely book, and an amazing resource to support confirmation. My son finds memorization to be somewhat stressful at times -but with this version of the catechism, he can be colouring and doodling while he learns and memorizes. This book adds a layer of enjoyment to his confirmation learning that will hopefully impact him for life. Thank you for such a beautiful and thoughtful resource!"  Patricia O.

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