How to Sponsor a Broadcast

Your Sponsorship Has a Direct Impact!

As a sponsor your donation is used to support LLL’s mission to proclaim the hope of the Gospel!

Sponsorship messages can highlight a specific occasion, such as a birthday, wedding anniversary, a memorial or in thankfulness to God’s blessings.

Memorial broadcast sponsorships are quickly becoming a family tradition! Children and grandchildren are carrying on their parent’s and grandparent’s sponsorships. We feel blessed to hear their family’s faith story as we plan their messages.

Congregational sponsorship messages can highlight a specific occasion, such as a church anniversary, an invitation to special worship services throughout the church year or in thankfulness to God’s blessings.

We have the opportunities to add a customized message following The Lutheran Hour on the following stations:

"We have enjoyed listening to the Lutheran Hour when Dr. Oswald Hoffman was preaching, so that is along time ago. We even have some cassette tapes of his services. We had the honour of meeting Dr. Hoffman in Regina Sk at Mount Olive LUTHERAN CHURCH likely in the 1990’s. More recently with Covid, in Manitoba in 2020 our churches were closed so I contacted some of our shut-ins to make sure they had access to church service broadcasts. One lady said she used to listen to the Lutheran Hour on her radio but that the radio was broken. I told her I would be right over with a radio for her. About two weeks later I called to see how she was doing, and she told me her children had bought her a new radio and so I could come and pick mine up. She was very happy to hear the Lutheran Hour again. We also relied on the Lutheran Hour when we could not get to church, and during Covid, the Lutheran Hour was one of three services we listened to each Sunday. We also enjoy the Lutheran Hour Daily Devotion that greets us on our email. God Bless You All and thanks for the wonderful work you do at the Lutheran Hour!"