NEW – Barna Resources

Lutheran Hour Ministries (LHM) has partnered with Barna Group—an industry leader for research-based insights about faith and culture, leadership and vocation, and generational groups—on a critical three-year study of faith in America. This bold new collaboration will allow LHM to create resources and online courses that address the needs of both the churched and non-churched.

LHM Tune In Post

Sunday June 28, 2020, on the Canadian broadcast of The Lutheran Hour, Lutheran Church–Canada (LCC) pastor, Rev. Scott Gamble, will be sharing a special message entitled “O Canada, Canada: A Love/Hate Relationship”. With Canada Day just around the corner, Pastor Scott’s message considers the question: Is it possible to hold two completely opposite feelings about something near and dear to your heart? Working through Matthew 23:37-39,…