2022 Advent Resources

In A Son Is Given, we look at the promise of God to send His Messiah as fulfilled in Jesus. The Heavenly Father made good on His ancient pledge. In Jesus we have the love of God come to earth in the form of a Child, who is for us the Savior of the world.

The Lutheran Laymen's League of Canada is expanding our Lectionary Learning Pages to offer a family devotional supplement to A Son Is Given! This resource is a great way to share the joy of advent with your child or grandchild!

A Son Is Given: Devotional Downloads

This devotional is available in French as well as Traditional and Simplified Chinese. Click here.

Family Devotional & More!

This section will be updated regularly with Audio files of the devotional, colouring pages and extra Advent activities.

Week One: Bonus resources

Week Two: Bonus resources

Week Three: Bonus resources

Week Four: Bonus resources