The beginning

The Lutheran Laymen’s League (LLL) began in 1917 when 12 church members organized to pay off debts of the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod (LCMS).[3] It also created a pension fund for church workers

The Lutheran Hour

Over 90 years ago, on Oct. 2, 1930, the course of Christian broadcast history was changed when Dr. Walter A. Maier stepped behind the microphone to launch The Lutheran Hour. The impact of Lutheran Laymen’s League (known around the world as Lutheran Hour Ministries) has grown beyond the radio signal reach. LHM Sunday is an opportunity to celebrate the difference the Lord is making in lives around the world.

Structure of Canadian LLL

Incorporated in 1967, the Canadian LLL is guided by a Board of Directors.

The Board determines the budget. The league works closely with Lutheran Church – Canada.

September 29, 1985 LLL Canada made it’s home at 270 Lawrence Ave in Kitchener, Ontario.

LLL Canada Today

Leading the Canadian LLL is director Lisa Jackson and the LLLC Board of Directors.

We have been given the immense task to…

Media in Mission


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