Who We Are

Lutheran Laymen’s League of Canada is a Not-For-Profit corporation established in 1967 and is a registered Canadian charitable organization.

We partner with the Int’l Lutheran Laymen’s League (established in 1917) which has offices and project centres around the world. To learn more about the world-wide work of the Int’l LLL visit the Lutheran Hour Ministries Global Information web site.

Lutheran Laymen’s League of Canada is an independent organization which serves as an Auxiliary to Lutheran Church – Canada.


Where we want to go…

Lutheran Laymen’s League of Canada is a well-known organization with sufficient resources to
assist in presenting the Gospel to all, and provides relevant materials to equip people to share
their Christian faith.


What we do to get there…

Lutheran Laymen’s League of Canada assists in the proclamation of the Gospel by creating, distributing, and promoting resources through various media and equipping Christians for outreach.


What is important to us…


o As Shown by God in Christ: Our motivation for outreach, caring and service to others


o To the Gospel and the Lutheran confessions
o To the mission of LLL-Canada


o Lutheran Church – Canada
o working together (teamwork)
o people (volunteers, donors, fellow believers, unchurched)
o fellowship


o Conducting our mission with honesty, transparency, and dependability.

Media in Mission

Statement of Faith

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