LHM Project Connect Booklets

It’s about Life

We believe that Life is a gift, a precious gift of God, that is to be used to glorify Him and to serve others.

With its joys and delights our earthly Life can be wonderful but at times Life can also be difficult, with pain and even sorrow. There are times in Life when each of us needs some assistance or guidance as we face these challenges.

For You we have prepared: messages of Hope and Inspirationdaily devotions; as well as other resources like ServingWithJoy and Solas Alive to help you live your Life here on earth and to tell you of the priceless gift of Eternal Life that God has prepared for you. Our Resources include helpful Topical Booklets in English; Chinese; French and Spanish. The texts of these booklets are also available on-line as pdfs.

Read more about this work in the current edition of our newsletter Media In Mission. Your donation will help to support this work.

ANNOUNCEMENT: We are pleased to welcome the next Managing Director of LLL Canada.

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